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Tool Works "Repairs For Less"

Parts Sales & Service Email: [email protected]

589 Plains RD Harrison, ME 04040


Tool Works Ni Cad and NiMH
cordless battery pack rebuilding.

At this time we can rebuild most

Lithium-Ion / Li-ion Batteries

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New to Tool Works, we can now rebuild Makita BL1830 Lithium-Ion batteries for $69.00. Good News at Tool Works, we can now rebuild the Milwaukee 48-11-1815 M18 18V XC Compact Battery 18 Volt 1815 Lithium ion and the Milwaukee 48-11-1828 M18 18V 3Ah 18 V XC Battery 18Volt 3.0Ah Lithium ion. We are working on the Milwaukee M28V Lithium ion and will be able to offer them soon. For now these are the only Milwaukee models we can offer. We have tested them over the last month and have got great feed back. The 1815 are $49.00 and the 1828 are $69.00.

We have four options to chose from. Below are your options

1) Rebuild Service battery taking 2200ah Sub-C cells.

This service will offer equal to or better than brand new replacements. Its better than the original. I guarantee it to be compatible with your factory Ni Cad charger. If using with cordless impacts or saws we recommend upgrading to the heavy duty rebuild service.

2) Ni Cad 2800mAh Heavy Duty Battery Rebuild Service

Heavy Duty Rebuild Service for batteries taking 2200ah Sub-C cells. I use extra insulators and double thick nickel straps to allow higher amp draw and heat resistance. This rebuild service is specifically designed for customers that use saws and other high current devices frequently. Great for contractors.

3) NiMh 3300mah Battery rebuilding service

Rebuild Service for batteries taking 3300ah Sub-C cells. This is one of the best services we offer with roughly twice the run time as standard NiCad batteries. Compatible with ALL NiCad and NiMH chargers.

Great for contractors.

4) NiMh 4000mAh Battery Rebuild Service

Rebuild Service for batteries taking 3800ah Sub-C cells. This is the best service I offer with roughly twice the run time as standard Ni Cad batteries. Compatible with ALL Ni Cad and NiMH chargers. I only recommend this if you are using the tool under heavy loads (Great for electricians and plumbers who use large drill bits ). The intermediate user would not need this service.

Pre-Rebuild Battery Test

We will test your battery prior to performing our rebuild services. If the battery is not damaged or only needs a sensor repair we will contact you and give you the option on rebuilding or just a simple repair. This also helps rule out a defective charger by testing the battery first.

This service is 5.00

Power Tool Batteries

You should check the output amperage of your charger and compare that to the max charge ratings of our rebuilds to avoid performance problems. Please do not disassemble your batteries prior to sending to us. If the connector and sensors are not removed properly re installation is more difficult and may result in extra charges.

Max Charge Rate For Our Ni Cad cells is 3A (3000mAh). Our NiMH cells charge at rates up to 6A (6000mAh). Exceeding this charge rate will void warranty and ruin the battery pack. The charge rate can be found on the bottom of your charger and should be labeled as output.

14.4V Ni Cad 2800mAh Heavy Duty Battery Rebuild Service


Send tools and batteries for repair to...

Tool Works 589 Plains rd Harrison ME 04040